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The Very Best in East Austin Texas Vacation Rentals

East Austin Guesthouse, located amongst the many bars and restaurants along East Cesar Chavez and East 6th Street. A destination in itself, with plenty of room indoor and outdoor to entertainment and enjoy everything this city has to offer. The Upper Story is a rare find for Austin Texas vacation rentals.

Picture of outside of Austin Texas Vacation Rentals
  • 96 Lynn St
  • Full apartment to yourself, second story of urban Duplex
  • 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom
  • Holly Neighborhood, East Austin
  • Designed by Harmony Grogan of Pluck Architecture
  • Miele appliances, flat screen TV’s in every room equipped with all of the best streaming services as well as Spotify
  • Great front deck putting you right in the action of the bustling neighborhood corner and a comfortable and private sideyard for dining and hanging



Creating the Best Austin Texas Vacation Rentals

One of my favorite past times is talking to strangers. I love listening to people’s stories and gathering wisdom. Visiting this house allows you to have a conversation with the history of this neighborhood through every detail. Please enjoy all that Austin has to offer but slow down to learn about the neighborhood and history that surrounds you.

Start here: Try the Tejano Trail walking tour.

I remember seeing Austin for the first time, I was like a little kid seeing the world for the first time. I have now been here three years and I still have that child like appreciation for everything this city has to offer, and has inspired us to provide the best in Austin Texas vacation rentals.

As someone who went to College in the mountains of North Carolina I have been chasing the culture of getting outside every chance you get, searching for adventure, listening to live music and enjoying a night around the turntable.

I found out, that place and the people it attracts, are one in the same. Welcome to Austin.

Vintage Record from Austin Texas Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re a tourist,
or a local…
this house tells a story

El Callejon de Arte, is a project we are happy to participate in. The brain child of Something Cool Studios located at 1717 E Cesar Chavez St. two blocks west of The Upper Story.
East Austin OG Graffiti artist Mando Martinez graced the first wall of many kicking off an art alley running parallel to Cesar Chavez from Navasota to Clara St,
“Since the late 1800s, Mando Martinez’s family has lived in East Austin.
Now known by his street and art names, “Taner” and “Lace,” he began spray painting graffiti murals all over East Austin in the mid ‘80s.
“It’s the passion you know, the passion to draw and color. And it’s artwork,” said Martinez.” Read a recent news story about Martinez.

@bigfatlace71 and @bigfatlace75

More information about the history through art in the Holly Neighborhood and E Cesar Chavez corridor: Por La RazaPor La Raza, which translates to “for the race,” was originally one of a series of murals that ran along the wall of the power plant. At its inception nearly three decades ago, muralists Robert Herrera and Oscar Cortez created a masterful piece invoking the spirit of Mexico complete with Aztec gods, the Mexican flag, and imagery evocative of the neighborhood’s rich Chicano heritage. Read a recent article about Por La Raza.

Special Shout Out to…
Something Cool Studios

Details of the House

Designer & Architect

Harmony Grogan – Pluck Architecture


Matt Elliott

Custom Woodwork

Gary Marburger – Goodwood

Fence Mural Artist

Jesse Mellanson

History of the House in East Austin

As Austin is my adopted home, I knew that I wanted to maintain the integrity of the house by leaning into its historic qualities with vintage design both inside and out. This neighborhood has stories to tell and we wanted to contribute to carrying that history and beauty forward by bringing the house back to life without losing its character to make it one of the best Austin Texas vacation rentals. The Holly neighborhood is a very special place and as this house has stood for 100 years, we want it to stand for 100 more.

Fastforward to 2020
A father and son duo took on this 1920’s former boarding house as part of supporting a passion for design and real estate. Together they brought this vision together with a collection of interesting folks and we want to pay our respects to each of them.


Harmon Grogan, Principal Architect - Pluck Architecture

Harmony has worked in the Austin architecture community since 2002. Harmony has built her reputation as a friendly and intrepid designer, who creates unique designs for her clients that reflect their tastes and values. Since childhood, Harmony dreamed of becoming an architect, choosing to draw, paint, and build long after other kids had laid down their crayons.

We gave this 1920’s structure a full update, with both an interior and exterior remodel. Originally a boarding house, this building was later converted into a duplex. We tweaked the floor plans of both units to accommodate modern living, but honored the building’s history by reintroducing vintage vibes in the colors, finishes, and fixtures - Harmony

The Little Details Set The Upper Story Apart from other Austin Texas Vacation Rentals

In cooperation with our contractor and designer, we were very intentional into every nook and cranny of the house. We desired to both maximize space and for the design to allow the house to feel open and airy. Every part of our team had a passion for small spaces and for providing maximum luxury to provide a space we can be proud of and that our guests can enjoy.

Every piece of art in the house is a representation of Texas, both with the artist and creator and the image itself. Bringing in the feel of the desert, the beauty of the flowers in the hill country and the many activities Austin has to offer.

A banquet was the perfect option to provide space to dine in this beautiful kitchen. It reminds me of my childhood home and meals with my family. We lovingly invested in this kitchen because we want to promote camaraderie and comfort to make you feel at home away from home.

It can be dizzying trying to keep up with all of the activities, bars and restaurants that occupy your attention while you are visiting. Don’t set yourself up for a vacation from your vacation. Take some time to rest and relax and do the things you can’t do because life gets in the way when you are at home. One of my favorite activities is to snuggle with a good book.

Backyard Mural Art in Austin, Texas

Jesse Melanson (JMEL) is an artist and designer based in Austin’s East Side. The fence mural found in the backyard of the Upper Story titled “Gaillardia Pulchella” is inspired by the colors and geometry of the Gaillardia Pulchella flower. Also known as Firewheels, Indian blankets or just Gaillardia the flowers’ brilliant colors of red, orange and yellow look like brightly woven blankets. These flowers are one of the dominant flowers on the landscape in Central Texas covering large fields with their showy flowers.

Jesse Melanson @jmelart

Backyard Mural in Austin Texas Vacation Rentals

Embed Yourself in East Austin

This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood