City Guide

Everything you need to explore Austin whether you are a local or traveler a like. Do it your way with itineraries, resource guides for fun activities like brunch, happy hour and getting on the water as well as options like a comprehensive overview of every food truck in Austin by cuisine.

Plan Ahead

It doesn’t matter whether you are with a group of friends, your significant other or by yourself, we have done the work for you to plan an awesome weekend in Austin.

Girls Trip

This section is geared for a trip with your girl’s. Unique offerings such as a list of all places that offer private dining as well as what brunch spots offer reservations.

Guys Trip

Your complete resource for planning a trip with the guy’s. Focusing on adventure opportunities, cocktail bars and boys dinner.

Couples Trip

Plan your trip to Austin with your significant other. A restaurant or a bar isn’t just a place, its an experience. We provide the best spots to accelerate that chemistry from sunsets to cocktails.

Build your own

The combo meal of trip plans. Yes you can have it your way. Welcome to Austin.

Daily Do

This section speaks for itself, all the things you want to do. Never wonder what do I want to do and just pick your Daily Do from below, shop, dinner, brunch, happy hour, food trucks and more.


Whether you need some new boots for your two step lesson, sunglasses for a boat day or cocktail supplies and a good book, this is for you.


What’s for dinner is a complicated question, we can’t save you from actually having to make a decision but we can make it a little easier.


Okay, you want brunch? How do you like it? A little boozy? Girls brunch? Outdoors? Indoors? All the answers lie inside.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is great but whats the occasion? Coworkers, first dates, friends, it doesn’t matter, this guide can meet all of your needs.

Food Trucks

Why does food taste a little better coming from the window of a truck sitting on a picnic table, use this guide to find out.


Did someone say cold beer? Fresh brewed beer live from Austin, drink straight from the tap but only after a bar tender puts it in a glass and hands it to you.


Someone may have told you that Austin has a few Barbeque spots, find out if that’s true.

Events and Venues

Looking for something to do? Live music, comedy, ballet, a movie in an historic theater, its up to you.

Water Activities

Austin can meet your needs whether you are looking for a swanky party, casual tacos or a day on the water. We suggest a day on the water and then see where the night takes you. Start here

Selfies and Mural Spots

Say cheese… selfies wanted. Get your instagram fix, you are welcome.

Private Events and Dining

Sometimes you just want to be with your friends. Live it up VIP style, private rooms, tables and spaces. Plan your next gathering.


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Get Outside

It seems all great cities are built on water but none have such a juxtaposition of city and nature as Austin with its abundance of trails, swimming holes, urban paddle boarding and parks. Enjoy the more than 300 days of sunshine each year and get outside.

Fun ways to get your daily serving of Vitamin D. Get your sunscreen and head out the door.