Neighborhoods: East 6th Street

Explore East 6th Street in Austin

Neighborhood/District: Main entertainment area in East Austin. East of I 35 to Chicon. More quirky cousin to Dirty 6th. There are three sections of activity on 6th Street. Dirty 6th is downtown where the streets are blocked off, E 6th St runs from I 35 to Chicon St on the East Side and West 6th St Guadalupe St to S Lamar on the West side of Downtown.

Don’t Miss: Il Brutto, Hotel Vegas and Volstead, Buenos Aires, Tacos Juanita, White Horse, Whistlers and The Liberty

East 6th:


Superlative: Most likely to have a tattoo


Blurb of what to expect: This is the place to come if you are cool, think you are cool or want to be cool, very vibey if you know where to go, adventure around every corner, alley and back entrance


Vibe: Dark N’Stormy


Places to Visit: The Liberty (East Side Kings), Shangri La, Latchkey, Licha’s, Whistlers, White Horse, Volstead, Hotel Vegas, Lazarus, Fukumoto

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This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood