Neighborhoods: Dirty 6th Street

Explore Dirty 6th Street in Austin

Dirty 6th: Downtown. I-35 to Congress. Famous bar area where the streets close every Thurs.-Sun.

Don’t Miss: Just walk around and follow the sounds of live music coming from various bars, Midnight Cowboy, Driskill Hotel , Firehouse Saloon, comedy at Vulcan Gas Company, Burgers at Casino El Camino, VooDoo Doughnuts, ride the bull at Buck Wild

Superlative: Most likely to get married in Vegas

What to expect: Stiff drinks, loud music, crowds and debauchery

Vibe: Party Party Party

Places to visit: Casino El Camino, Esther’s Follie, Vulcan Gas Company, Blind Pig Pub, The Library Bar, Shakespeares, Firehouse Hostel Lounge

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The Basics


  1. Scruffy’s Souvenirs and Food Mart
  2. Mini Mart
  3. Shop 24

Daytime Activities


  1. Happy Chicks
  2. Museum of the Weird
  3. Casino el Camino



  1. Esthers Follies
  2. Vulcan Gas Company
  3. Parkside and Backside

Date Destinations


  1. Firehouse Lounge
  2. Midnight Cowboy
  3. Driskill Bar



  1. Wanderlust Wine Co 
  2. Here nor There 
  3. Small Victory



  1. Gold’s Gym

Get Outside


  1. Pecan Street Festival
  2. Nighttime-Pedestrian Plaza-Thurs-Sat
  3. Rooftops-Maggie Mae’s and Buckshot

Embed Yourself in East Austin

This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood