The City: Red River Cultural District

Explore Red River Cultural District in Austin

Neighborhood/District in Downtown Austin: Music and entertainment District. Related to Waller Creek park district, Waterloo Park. Perpendicular to Dirty 6th

Don’t Miss: Moody Amphitheater, Waterloo Park, Mohawk’s, Barberella’s, Empire Control Room and Stubb’s Amphitheatre.

Superlative: Most likely to be featured on VH1’s where are they now

Blurb of what to expect: The cultural capital of Austin as they say, a variety of live music venues and dive bars, this is the place to come if you want to let your freak flag fly

Vibe: A little bit Rock N’Roll

Places to Visit: Cheer Up Charlies, Barberellas, Empire Control Room, Mohawk, Stubbs Amphitheatre, Swan Dive, Valhallas, Side Bar

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The Basics



Daytime Activities


  1. Pelon’s Tex Mex


  1. The Creek and the Cave
  2. Empire Control Room
  3. Mohawk’s

Date Destinations


  1. The Green Jay




Get Outside


  1. Outdoor Music Venues (Mohawk’s, Stubbs, Empire Control Room)
  2. Waterloo Park




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This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood

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