Neighborhoods: South Congress Avenue

Explore South Congress Avenue in Austin

Neighborhood/District in South Austin:  Runs North to South beginning Downtown and across he Congress Street Bridge (Famous for Capitol Building views and bats). Main section of activity from the lake north to Oltorf.

Don’t Miss: Continental Club, Amy’s Ice Cream, Allen’s Boots, Perla’s, Music Lane Shopping, Home Slice Pizza and C Boys

Superlative: Most Popular

Blurb about what to expect: Some old school gems, high end shopping, tchotchkes, trendy, leans a bit more touristy but still popular with the locals, most authentic Austin music venues (Continental Club and C Boys)

Vibe: A little bit Boujee

Places to Visit: South Congress Hotel, Perla’s, San Jose Hotel, Two Hands, Guero’s, Neighborhood Sushi, Continental Club, C Boys, Allan’s Boots, Meteor Cafe

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Embed Yourself in East Austin

This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood