The City: West 6th Street

Explore West 6th Street in Austin

Neighborhood/District in West Downtown Austin: Third main entertainment areas on 6th Street. There are three sections of activity on 6th Street. Dirty 6th is downtown where the streets are blocked off, E 6th St runs from I 35 to Chicon St on the East Side and West 6th St Guadalupe St to S Lamar on the West side of Downtown.

Don’t Miss: Football games at Little Woodrows, Rustic Tap,  Parlor and Yard, Qi, Sammie’s, Dirty Bill’s and Ten Ten

Superlative: Best Looking

Blurb about what to expect: Best place in the city for watching sports, places to gather with friends, it’s a bit of a more homogenous crowd but if you were in a fraternity or sorority or liked to attend their parties, this is the place for you

Vibe: Yuppy

Places to visit: Rustic Tap, Bufords, Little Woodrows, Dirty Bills, Dogwood, Greenlight Social, Bull and Bowl, Parlor and Yard

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This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood

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