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Be Active in Austin

Austin is an active town, offering all kinds of sports and activities to keep you moving both indoors and out. Maybe you want to participate with folks who love the same things as you? There are numerous clubs and open activities throughout the city that will make you feel welcome.

We’ve only scratched the surface here, but if you want to get out and play in Austin, look no farther than the list of venues, trails, courts, and parks below. 

Run, Sport, Bike, Hike, Play!

Sports and Recreation

Be Active in Austin with its opportunities to play sports and be social

Whether you are a former college athlete, looking to make new friends and have a drink afterwards and everything in between there are plenty of opportunities to show off your athletic abilities. Find all the best social sports leagues in Austin.

Be active in Austin and make fitness fun

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Be active in Austin and enjoy its bike friendly culture

Biking in Austin is great whether in the city or on a scenic around in the hill country. Find all the best places to go biking in Austin.

Be active in Austin by using its extensive trail network

What may come as a surprise to visitors and new residents alike is how outdoors oriented Austin is, not just patios and beer gardens but waterfalls, swimming holes, hiking trails and more. Find out all the best places to go hiking in Austin.

Best parks in Austin. Whether you are looking to watch the sunset, have a picnic with friends, throw around the frisbee, let your dog run wild and last but not least throw your own pop up dance party, we have you covered.

Embed Yourself in East Austin

This newly renovated bungalow is located in East Austin neighborhood